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The MVP Experiment Canvas

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The MVP Experiment Canvas is a FREE and practical framework offering a structured approach for turning your big idea into a Minimum Viable Product you can test and validate with potential customers.

Watch the video above to get a primer on the canvas ⤴

A Minimum Viable Product is a structured experiment (code or no-code) that helps you to successfully validate or invalidate the riskiest assumptions of your idea while delivering acceptable value to your customers.

It’s disposable and can be repeated in different setups until you reach a level of certainty, or uncertainty, where you can decide if the idea is something you should pursue (or not).

The MVP Experiment Canvas has already been used by 10.000+ people and organizations like IBM, ING, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley & Cornell.

It consists of 12 blocks that enable you to define, run, and analyze any MVP Experiment:

  1. Your Customer Segment 👥
  2. Value Proposition 🎁
  3. Channel(s) 🚛
  4. Customer Engagement ❤️
  5. Riskiest Assumption(s) 💣
  6. Experiment Format ⚗️
  7. Experiment Scenario / Workflow 🔄
  8. Metrics 📈
  9. Success Criteria 🏆
  10. Results 🏁
  11. Learnings & Insights 🔑
  12. Next Steps 🚦

The first 4 steps are taken from the Business Model Canvas which I recommend filling out to document your "Big Idea" before you narrow that down into a testable MVP.

Delivery includes:

📖 An extensive how-to guide

🔎 A filled-out example canvas

Turn your big idea into an MVP today so you can start testing it tomorrow ⤵

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The MVP Experiment Canvas

28 ratings
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